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The John Fowles Home Page

Please Note:
If you came here expecting this to be the home page of the late John Fowles
I am sorry to have to tell you that you are on the wrong web site for
the famous novelist and author
click for a page of information on the famous novelist and Author
please click the photo above for a page of information on him
This site actually belongs to another John Fowles altogether, who is very much live and kicking!!
but who is only a
budding Web-Author

John Fowles the web-Author in his favo(u)ite place in front of a computer monitor!!
But as you can see by studying our two photographs that just like Eric the Red the novelist is a Norse of a different colo(u)r
I was born in Sherborne Dorset, England and lived there for most of my life except for 10 years after schooling in Sherborne away at Imperial College London then with Rolls-Royce in Derby England and in Montreal Canada and finally ending up happily in New Jersey
this site is intended as a repository and guide for some of my favourite things
Sorry I have so many ideas for pages for my site
All I need now is the time to write them
For the time being items not yet started or completed
have temporary "Under Construction" pages
Coming Soon
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