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How To Get The Internet Address (URL) Of An Image
This tutorial was originally posted on my Facebook Timeline in July 2015 in 2 parts
this is a consolidated and revised complete version of a tutorial that I originally displayed in two parts on my Facebook timeline at:-
In that I had used as an example an image of a painting of Massey Hall that had at that time (in 2015) recenbtly been uploaded byChar, but today it is missing as are some
descriptive screensots that I had made,so instead I have chosen a fine photo of Gordon Lightfoot reviewing some items deposited by his microphone stand at a Massey Hall concert in 1996.
This is one of a group of GL photos on a page entitled Some Old Photos I Took by Rick McGinnis
Another item that today is missing is a web page headed "How to get a URL to an image" but luckily the wonderful Wayback Machine saved a copy from 2012 at:-
it describes how to get an image's URL from the display on five different browsers but has screenhots of only two of them.
This tutorial is basically an extension to update that page and add the latest browser the ridiculous Edger foisted on us by Microsoft as part of the otherwise great Windows 10
All five browsers provide for easily copying the URL by selecting a suitably named option on the rght click "Context Menu" Thus with Firefox one selects "Copy Image Location"

With Chrome it is "Copy Image Address"

As is Apple's Safari

Edge settles for "Copy Link"

All of the above are superior to internet Explorer which requires an unecessarily
prolonged procedure that entails first select Properties from the context menu:-

only then can the actual address/URL be highlit then copied:-

After some determined searching I found an equivalent utility for
Internet Explorer, which added a nice Copy Image URL option
to its context menu Voila!!:-

It's OK Gordon you can get up now I'm done!!
To get that I had to visit:-
which helpfully offers a choice of "Copy Image URL" or "Copy Image Location"
and downloaded a small(956 bytes) zip file ( from which I then extracted a setup installation file named
CopyImageUrl.inf which when right clicked reveals an install option:-