I learned a great deal about Javascripts during my on-line course on web authoring. I then discovered by accident a very nice Javascript application the combined date and day square display that I have put at the top of my home page this I stumbled across whilst using the image search facility of Google.com to find pictures of my hometown of Sherborne Dorset England one old picture was from an interesting "family" site for the Belben Family
which featured the square display I delved into my course notes: having found out how to add scripts to a web page I dipped into the wonderful world of free Javascripts I found that the following categories of scripts were the most intriguing and useful to a budding web author and I collected an ever-increasing range of examples
Sorry I have so many ideas for pages for my site
All I need now is the time to write them
For the time being items not yet started or completed have this sign against them