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John Fowles The Famous Author
Some notes and links for anyone who found my site whilst looking for information on the Famous Author
from John Fowles the budding Web Author
This includes a number of recent (October 2002) contacts from a teacher and 2 senior pupils from Miami Senior High School in Florida U.S.A.
concerning a possible sequel to John Fowles' first published novel "The Collector"
As John Fowles himself does not yet have his own "official"web Site
Here Are Some links
  1. firstly what is probably the most comprehensive site that I have ever found:-
    Bob Goosmann's site:-
    John Fowles The Web Site
  2. A Danish John Fowles"Home Page"
    Then there are a pair of Yahoo groups both very quiet I am afraid:-
  3. the Magus Discussion Group
  4. The John Fowles Discussion List
    and an informative site describing first edition collecting
  5. Big Bill's John Fowles Stuff
And a page of various things that I have collected about my namesake
"John Fowles Things To Look At"
including a scan of an earlier John Fowles' 1834 Will
And finally a few musings from John Fowles the web-Author
on how I see the appeal of several of the John Fowles' books
sparked off by the Miami class's curiousity on whether "I"
would ever write The Collector Part 2 as a sequel Musings