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As I said this section of my web site was inspired by contact from a teacher and 2 pupils at Miami Senior Girls School
As Aida Diaz asked "Good afternoon Mr.fowles. I am a student from Miami Senior High School and my english class has been reading your book ("The Collector").
We,senior students of Miami Senor High would appreciate it if you could send us your answer this my(our) question...
Are you going to make a part two of "The Collector"?"
My take on this possibility is based on an interview with the great man that I either read heard or saw in which he said more or less that he intended his readers to share some of the chore of creating a novel by making the reader think about the story that the author is presenting.
Going back to his first writen novel the magnificent "the Magus" (incidentally he pronounces this as Magus with a hard "G" as in Magnet not soft as in Majesty as I thought for years until I recently replayed an old radio interview with him) I have so far read and enjoyed this my favo(u)rite novel three times the third time the revised 1978 version which prompted me to write to him and to which I was most surprised and delighted to receive a reply as you will see on the
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In my view reading this book is an exciting experience because by the end of nearly every chapter you feel that you have finally understood what the story is really all about but starting the next chapter always destroys your theory of what is really going on that you have just labouriously deduced. Hence I consider that the film failed as it tried to distill a very long book into a concise orderly story to fit the standard under 2 hours film length. His next book and the first to be published was "The Collector". which "as the novel ends, Clegg is thinking about how he will have to do things somewhat differently when he abducts a more suitable girl that he has seen working in Woolworth's." So I can very well understand the notion that there could be a Part 2 sequel. Rather it is up to you to think of how a sequel could finish the story So the chance now of there ever being a sequel to "The Collector" is slim, indeed as the dustjacket front flap describes the next published novel:
""The Magus" is remarkable not only for the way in which it enlarges and develops the underlying themes of "The Collector": it is in itself a towering entertainment, a virtuoso feat of storytelling such as is rarely to be found in modern English fiction". Fowles took this formula an extra stage in his third and most successful novel "The French Lieutenants Woman"
In this book Fowles actually presents the reader with a choice of 2 endings, "On page 316 (sic) of the novel "The French Lieutenant's Woman" author John Fowles briefly interrupts the fiction to discuss with the reader his role as a novelist. He has come up with two very different endings to the novel and wishes to share both with his readers. The novelist/narrator states (actually on page 327 of the original hardback edition) as the opening paragraph to Chapter 45: After Chapters 43 and 44 have "brought this fiction to a thoroughly traditional ending, I had better explain that although all I have described in the last two chapters happenned,it did not happen quite in the way you may have been led to believe"
Here is a link to an interesting Paper on "The French Lieutenants Woman" by:- Eske Andersen.