by Marko Petri Olavi Nippula
of the Helsinki University of Technology
Finland Europe
Clock (link to Marko's home page)

In researching the subject of clocks I found very many clock scripts and Applets
starting with this gem that I stumbled across while searching for "clocks"
and this in turn led me to trying to fathom out how Java Applets work

Have patience on the first loading it will take several seconds to download
but when it has clicked into place I feel sure you will agree that it is worth it
you can even see the minute hand move but not see the grass growing!!

Scroll on down for a load of time presentation ideas
Please position your cursor under item 1
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The clock image was made by
J. Kevin Ohdner whse home page is apparently no longer available
The web site page is maintained by Marko P. O. Nippula and was last modified Jul 26 probably 1997?? 00:49.
URL: http://www.hut.fi/~mnippula/clock.html
Time presentations

I think you will find that not all scripts correctly show daylight saving time for some locations in the week
between the clock change from the (Europe) last Sunday in March to the (USA/Canada) first Sunday in April
To be sure check the Summer time link in item 4 below
  1. starting with a wild combined time and date effect
    NOTE:-this will not load until after the pocketwatch above has completed loading thanks to the Canuck Lightfooot fan Char for sending this to me
    This clock is also featured on Ed Mullen's site:-
    Ed Mullen dot anything
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  2. Bill's clock with date

    Free Java applets provided
    JavaScript Kit

  3. A nice dual digital and analog clock this can be switched and incorporates other time zones
  4. US government time site
    a good time site check the "time exhibits" which includes full details and history of summer time and application of Daylight Saving Time in the USA compared to Europe
  5. An interesting graphical portrayal of times around the world
  6. World and USA Time Zones A map showing time zones and current times
  7. Atomic clock

    the Official USA time (EST) from the US Naval Observatory
    Note that this is 5 hours behind London (GMT) time
  8. World time server site
    Country and City lists and maps of world times
  9. download link
    also free download of an atomic clock synchronisation program:-
    this program solves the problem of your computer's internal clock not keeping perfect time
    on each boot-up it checks the local time against the US Naval Observatory's atomic clock and resets
    the computer clock if necessary. Or you can "ping" to check at any time
  10. Another Java Analog Clock
  12. jclock A colorful customable java clock
  13. A double time zone digital Java clock