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Sorry I have so many ideas for pages for my site
All I need now is the time to write them
Anyway I have my own ideas on how to initiate you into HTML
Broadly along the lines used by the "freeuk" site linked below
but incorporating the "Highlight" Copy and Paste tecnique utilised on the great free Javascript Site
Javascript Source
And including composing and previewing your web designs off-line then
setting up a free web-site of your own
and how to upload your masterpieces for viewing on-line on your new site
A fantastic thrill
Meanwhile have a try with the help of these sites

    Creating A Simple Webpage Using HTML.
    if pictures do not load right click then "show picture"
  1. simple html site
    HTML Goodies Site HTML Primer Introduction:-
  2. HTML Goodies
    A Beginner's Guide to HTML by The National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois,
  3. HTML Primer
    Search Engine Placement Guide at:-
    Promotion 101 - Web Marketing Info Center
  4. Search Engine Details
    HTML for beginners
    including a good introduction to the benefits of
    hand coding compared to WYSIWYG HTML Editors
  5. HTML for beginners
    and Steve Gould's optimistically titled
  6. Learn HTML In 30 Minutes!!
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    or save this address please:-