Your Star Wars First Name
1: Take the first 3 letters of your last name.
2:Add to that, the first 2 letters of your first name.

Your Star Wars Last Name
1: Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name.
2: Add to that the first 3 letters of the name of the town or city you were born in.
There you go! There's your Star Wars Name.
Write your Star Wars Name at the bottom of the list
so everyone can laugh at your name with you!
Once you have added your name, send it to all of your friends
including the person who sent it to you!
Be sure to cut and paste onto a new message before
adding your name to keep it clean!
Your Cosmic Friends...
1. Leejo Olpor (John Lee)
2. Hunma Arbar (Mark Hunter)
3. Fraad Huken (Adam Fraser)
4. Invda Token (Dan Invincible)
5. Gilal Tiken (Alan Fuel Gilpin)
6. Fraja Larby (James France)
7. Medci Moken (Chris Medcalf)
8. Cormi Piken (Michael Cornthwaite)
9. Wilsa Gocov (Sarah Wilkinson)
10. Graan Veher (Antonietta Grasso)
11. Reath Panor (Tom Read)
12. Bucsa Tilei (Sarah Bucknall)
13. Bakka Macol (Kate Baker)
14. Amnna Grroc (Naomi Amner)
15. Gilna Neors (Natalie Gill)
16. Mccro Josta (Ross McConnell-Tait)
or Tairo Josta - quite cool !!!
17. Bonda Huhem (David Bonner)
18. Stecl Smhem (Claire Stevens)
19. Nines Jaanes (Nicole Jones)
20. Hiclo Lobed (Lorraine Hicks)
or Meelo Lobed (Lorraine Meech)v
- I like mine!!
21. Cooda Wenew (Daniel Cooper)
22. Odeto Banor (Tony O'dell )
23. ARDJO TYNEW (Jolene Ballard)
24. Frali Bacol (Lisa Frankel)
25. Newna Neeve (Nadia Newport-Hassan)
26. Titro Wanew (Rob Tite)
27. Groma Sprus (Martin Groom)
28. Bucab Gohem (Andy Buchan)
29. Kinch Ednor ( Charlotte King )
30. Emard Halon (Emma Willard)
31. Nille Shdar (Leanne Niles)
32. Shalu Babi (Lucy Shakespeare)
33. Jayja Spbir (Jayda Sparrow)
34. Duran Jober (Antony Durrant)
35. McDra Nidun (Rae McDowall)
Dowra Nidun
(without the mc)
36. Cutni Palon ( Nick Cutts )
sounds like half an indian meal
37. Youra Gesto (Rachael Young)
I'm a WHAT??? Hmph...
38. Harro Waber (Rod Harris)
39. Hunjo Wewyc (Jonathan Hunt)
I'm friends with Jabba the Hut you know
40. Hodli Nahig (Lizzy Hodgson)
or Hodli Nawyc
if i do it your way jon 41. Milbe Wohig (Beth Milsom)
me and lizzy r distant relatives! 42. Osbli Johig
(Lizzie Osborne) or Osbel Johig. 43. Byeal Pobro (Ali Byers)
44. Magvi Bahig (Vicki Magson)
45. Darth Midjay-Lewhig
Dark Lord of Sith (Jason Middleton) 46. Mastr Pohig (Tracey Massey)
47. Thoni Chbou (Nikki Thornton)
48. Fudpa Smpoo (Pam Fudge)
49. Zanbr Rushi (Bru Zanelli)